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We pursue high precision and quality

Three-wire rail series

Linear gauge vertical machining center series products are based on the international popular, advanced, flexible machine... More details+Consulting>

Longmen processing center series

The machine adopts gantry fixed channel frame mechanism, which has good rigidity and precision for a long time... More details+Consulting>

Profile processing center series

Suitable for all kinds of aluminum alloy profile, steel structure part I industry profile installation hole, flow trough, lock hole, shape hole, end... More details+Consulting>

Quality is life,service is purpose
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Service hotline:400-691-8198

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Professional CNC machining center service provider

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Pre-sale and after-sales service,
quick response 24 hours


Engineers with many years of research
and development experience


Each machine tool has gone through
strict inspection


With many years of innovation to
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We have a special sales team to serve you.

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Conduct professional evaluation and recommend the most suitable products .

Provide product use training

Provide product training and maintenance services .

Focus on product quality

Warranty 12 months free replacement parts .

Service and sales

Based on service, quality for survival, technology and development

Relying on years of innovation and customer's good reputation. Products have been throughout the Yangtze river delta, pearl river delta, west triangle, Beijing, tianjin, hebei and other parts of the country, and won Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries around the world multinational orders.

National service hotline:400-691-8198

Guangdong Jiehong CNC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Professional CNC machining center

  Founded in 2000, Jiehong CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of CNC CNC computer boring, engraving and milling machine, milling machine, CNC lathe, and carefully develops three series of hard track, line rail and high speed machining center, and successively introduces the size of vertical and gantry machining centers. Multiple varieties of models.


  Over the years, the company has developed steadily, constantly improving its management and management, using advanced processing, assembly technology and scientific testing methods to ensure the high precision and high stability of each machine tool and meet the high quality requirements of machine tools. At the same time of development, the company continues to strengthen the cultivation of talents, technology updates, from the sales department of several people into a comprehensive company with advanced technology manufacturing and sales.

   Jiehong Seiki is not only to provide excellent products to customers, but also to provide excellent technology and caring service to customers. The company is willing to join hands with the industry to create brilliant!

■ More important to us is:

● Persistence in long-term cooperation with you is our goal from beginning to end.

● You propose tasks and we work together to explore solutions. Your question is both a challenge to our work and an incentive to us.

● We use our heart to help us focus on the current results of our work and look at your problems from your standpoint. We value your thoughts very much!

● It has become our habit to delve into the "CNC machining center" problem. Special CNC machining centers require special solutions.

● We pursue high precision and top quality.

● Welcome to inquire about other situations concerning our company. Welcome to contact us immediately!

● We warmly welcome you to come and negotiate business.

●For details, please visit our website: http://www.cnc9988.com

We insist on

"Integrity, quality, diligence and innovation"

Establish a good market image and reputation


Join hands to achieve a brilliant future

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Focus on real-time updates
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- Positive and negative hard limit alarm of CNC computer gong[field:pubdate function=strftime('%y-%m-%d',@me)/] Positive and negative hard limit alarm of CNC computer gong Normally, this alarm
- The composition of the active tool changer in CNC machining center[field:pubdate function=strftime('%y-%m-%d',@me)/] The composition of the active tool changer in CNC machining center The machining
- Machining Center Control System[field:pubdate function=strftime('%y-%m-%d',@me)/] Machining Center Control System CNC control system is an important part of high-
- Profile processing center function[field:pubdate function=strftime('%y-%m-%d',@me)/] Profile processing center function The profile machining center is a CNC boring
- The structure and application of the gantry machining center[field:pubdate function=strftime('%y-%m-%d',@me)/] The structure and application of the gantry machining center The gantry machinin

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