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Machining Center Control System

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Machining Center Control System

  CNC control system is an important part of high-speed machining center, which largely determines the speed, accuracy and surface quality of machine tools. Therefore, the performance of NC system is of great significance for high-speed machine tools that process free-form surface of dies and dies.

  When machining high-precision free-form surfaces, tool paths composed of micro-segments of straight lines and arcs create huge parts programs. These data streams need to be stored and processed by machine tool control system. Therefore, the processing time of program segments is an important index to determine the working efficiency of CNC control system. At present, the processing time of program segments of high-grade CNC control systems can generally reach 0.5 ms (such as Heidehan's iTNC530 NC system), while the processing time of program segments of individual NC systems has been shortened to 0.2-0.4 Ms.


  The modern CNC numerical control system applied to high-speed die and mould processing should have the functions of Nurbs and spline interpolation besides the short processing time necessary to ensure high-speed feed speed, and can work with nano-resolution in order to obtain high processing accuracy and surface quality in high-speed machining.

  At present, high-end CNC systems can also be connected with CAD/CAM systems of different manufacturers. Data from CAD/CAM systems are transmitted to the control system at a high speed via Ethernet. The integration of CAD/CAM into the control system, to a large extent, can make the processing of complex contour of die obtain good results, and make a very important contribution to shorten the adjustment time and programming time.

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