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Composition Characteristics of CNC Machining Center

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Composition Characteristics of CNC Machining Center

  CNC machining center is a large-scale processing equipment, we can imagine how many important parts it has. If there are problems with the important parts of CNC machining center, it will inevitably affect its normal operation. So we must pay more attention to these important parts of CNC machining center when we use CNC machining center.


  Feed axis is the key component of CNC machining center. Its reliability level directly affects the machining accuracy of CNC machining center and the reliability of the whole machine. A fast test method for reliability test of feed shaft is put forward, and the test scheme design for reliability test device of feed shaft is completed.

  Through the establishment of the reliability testing device of the feed shaft, the relevant loading test of the reliability of the feed shaft is carried out, and the test results are combined with other reliability test results of the CNC machining center. Through the corresponding data analysis software, the quantitative index of the reliability of the machine tool is evaluated, and the design of the feed system of the CNC machining center is exposed. In order to adopt countermeasures and measures to guide the reliability design of the feed shaft unit, the defects in manufacturing and assembly can ensure the reliability growth in the design and use of the feed shaft.

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