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Environmental Requirements for Installation of Vertical Machining Centers

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Environmental Requirements for Installation of Vertical Machining Centers

    The environmental requirements for installation of vertical machining centers generally include foundation, environmental temperature, environmental humidity, power grid, grounding wire and interference prevention. Before the vertical processing center equipment arrives at the customer's factory, the professional vertical processing center manufacturer will send technicians to the user's factory of the vertical processing center to investigate on the spot. Whether the foundation standard of the installation of the vertical processing center equipment meets the requirements or not, the foundation is to ensure the accuracy and stability of the vertical processing center in high-speed processing. The important foundation of holding is also an important factor to keep the machine bed of vertical machining center not easy to deform. The temperature and humidity of the environment are also important factors affecting the high-precision machining of vertical machining centers. Some users of vertical machining centers have irregular planning in power grids and grounding wires, which is also an important factor that interferes with the normal operation of vertical machine tools, and even affects the CNC system of vertical machining centers. Failure occurred.


    The ultimate goal of machine tool assembly and adjustment of vertical machining centers is to make the vertical machining centers meet the requirements of factory when they are used. It has certain requirements for installation environment. In the installation of vertical machine tools, we must pay attention to meeting these conditions, which is also the premise of the stable operation of vertical machine tools in the future.

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